POLICE in Spain have announced that security will be tight during the new king’s proclamation this Thursday.

All over Madrid, 120 snipers will cover the proceedings of the day with the heaviest concentration of security surrounding Parliament and the Royal Palace.

These security measures are a reaction to the ongoing anti-monarchy protests that have been rallying in Madrid.

In fact, the government has banned any kind of demonstration and has scheduled 6,700 officers – 4,000 of which have been recruited from around the country – to patrol the city.

The Spanish government has forcibly canceled four demonstrations previously scheduled for Thursday after government spokesperson Cristina Cifuentes announced police will practice a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy against any anti-monarchy protests.

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  1. “police will practice a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy against any anti-monarchy protests.”

    Ironic to think the outgoing King ushered in democracy, and here we have the right to a peaceful protest banned under threat of immediate arrest. Spain the democracy, hmm.

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