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OPINION: Lawyer’s complaint to Brussels over Spain’s COVID-19 stance reflects wearying public

After more than four weeks of confinement, millions of us across Spain are already feeling the bite

BREAKING: EU set to BAN all ‘non-essential’ travel for 30 days after becoming epicentre of coronavirus pandemic

THE EU is set to ban non-essential travel to the bloc for 30 days in a bid to reduce coronavirus contagion.  The measure has been...

NOT SO BRITISH: BA owner in talks with Spanish government amid Brexit fears

BA seeks has been consulting the European Commission and Madrid as it steps up preparations for a no-deal Brexit

GIVE US RESPECT: Theresa May talks tough after Brexit Chequers plan ‘rejected’ by EU leaders, promises to safeguard EU...

THERESA May has demanded respect in Brexit negotiations from EU leaders in a  statement from Downing Street today.  The British prime minister said the rejection...

Spain makes fresh demands over Gibraltar in Brexit negotiations

Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez met with chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier to seek a new Gibraltar chapter in the Brexit agreement this week

EU leaders agree to next stage of Brexit negotiations in Brussels

The leaders also adopted a set of guidelines detailing a rough timetable for a transition period and a schedule of deadlines to ensure negotiations remain fluid.  

‘SHAME ON YOU’: Over 45,000 pro-Catalan independence protesters march outside EU institutions in Brussels

AT least 45,000 pro-Catalan independence protesters have taken to the streets of Brussels to support the controversial cause. The march is a show of...

British citizens’ residency rights to be cut post-Brexit under EU plan, says David Davis

Brexit secretary slams Brussels move and questions 'consistency' over reciprocal deal

THERESA MAY: EU nationals can STAY in the UK if British expats’ rights are guaranteed in the EU

She wants to offer 'certainty' to the roughly three million EU expats in the country

EU leaders say UK will have to remain in EU until 2022 and pay for its ‘liabilities’

Theresa May signed the letter to trigger article 50 late last night

Spain opens Brexit desk at London embassy as Theresa May’s article 50 letter is received in Brussels

The letter informing the EU that it will leave the bloc has now been received by Brussels

EU Commission slams Spain’s ‘widespread’ use of temporary contracts in new report

Spain has one of the highest rates of temporary contracts in the EU

Report by EU labels Andalucia the most corrupt region in Spain

It was followed by Galicia and the Canary Islands

Spain MEP defends women in European Parliament sexism storm

MEP Iratxe Garcia Perez, of the PSOE, condemned far right Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke women were 'too weak, small and unintelligent' for equal pay

EU issues final warning to Spain over repeated air pollution infractions

The European Commission has said that Spain could face legal action

Spain admits it will not meet deficit targets, risking hefty fines from EU

The country could face billions of euros worth of fines

Brussels slams Spain for being most corrupt country in the EU

It says Madrid is unable to control the councils and mayors in the autonomous regions

European Commission cancels fines for Spain and Portugal

Spain has been given two years to reduce its deficit

Spain may face sanctions as Brussels starts proceedings over budget

Failure to comply with budget obligations could lead to heavy fines

Spanish airport security raised following ISIS terrorist attack in Brussels

Airport security to be boosted after attacks on Brussels metro and airport

Spain stays at Level 4 alert after Brussels airport and metro terrorist attacks

Thirteen reported killed and many more injured in Belgium 'ISIS' attacks

British prime minister David Cameron leaves all-night EU negotiations without deal

Tory leader keeping quiet after Brussels summit with further talks today

David Cameron to slash tax credits for poorly paid British expat workers

The British Prime Minister is reported to be offering the deal in exchange for a ban on EU migrants claiming in-work benefits in the UK

European Commission warns Spain about 2015/2016 deficits

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has defended his economic record





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