air pollution refineryBRUSSELS has issued a final warning to Spain over repeated air pollution infractions.

The European Commission has said that Spain could face legal action and hefty fines if it does not reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels within the next two months.

Every year more than 400,000 Europeans die because of poor air quality.

Madrid and Barcelona are the most badly-affected areas in Spain, with pollution levels of up to 53 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide per cubic metre (µg/m3), 33% over the EU legal limit of 40µg/m3.

Granada has the highest levels of pollution in Andalucia, with 42µg/m3 in the Granada Norte station.

Germany, France, Italy and the UK were also issued with a warning.


  1. Lets hope they can do something about it.
    Nobody wants another UK in terms of pollution.
    “Europe escalates action against UK for breaching air pollution limits
    UK fails to apply environmental law on air quality, water standards, and the conservation of several species, EU review reveals”

    • “Do something about it”? Pathetic comment. How is international shipping to be halted? Or Spain’s highly polluting refineries? The first target has to be the phasing out of diesel power in all it’s forms in and around our cities, where the highest concentration of human lungs are.
      As usual, your idiotic comparisons can be safely ignored Pablo.

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