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EU leaders say UK will have to remain in EU until 2022 and pay for its ‘liabilities’

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Home Secretary Theresa May Signs Deal With French Over Calais Migrant CrisisEU politicians have warned Theresa May that the UK may not fully be out of the EU until 2022.

They have also said the European Court of Justice will ‘settle any legal challenges’ over the process of leaving the bloc.

In addition, MEPs made it clear there would be no ‘trade-off between internal and external security including defence cooperation on the one hand, and the future economic relationship on the other hand.’

The comments were obtained from a draft response from MEPs to May’s official article 50 letter which triggered Brexit today.

The draft reads: “Transitional arrangements ensuring legal certainty and continuity can only be agreed between the United Kingdom if they contain the right balance of rights and obligations for both parties.”

During this time, ‘The UK will preserve the integrity of European Union legal order, with the European Court of Justice responsible for settling any legal challenges.’

“These arrangements must also be strictly limited in time, and should not exceed three years, and in scope as they can never be a substitute for Union membership,” it adds.

The warnings are telling given that any withdrawal agreement will need to be agreed by 72% of the remaining 27 countries.

The draft also warns that the UK should pay its liabilities ‘arising from outstanding commitments as well as make provision for off-balance sheet items, contingent liabilities and other financial costs that arise directly as a result of withdrawal.’


Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. Sounds completely fair and reasonable to me. That said, public opinion can change very quickly and if Brexit doesn’t deliver and keep to its many pre-referendum promises, one example being barrier/tariff free trade on exactly the same terms as we have now, it will lose support.

    It might boost the Spanish property market with an influx of people wanting to leave the UK before they pull up the drawbridge and say ‘adios’.

    • The UK has absolutely no chance of receiving the same terms outside as the EU has made clear today. Leavers will soon find themselves feeling as betrayed as Remainers do now.

      • Momo are you saying no other country’s have access to the EU markets. Remember also the UK is prepared for a so called hard brexit. BTW Mono, Sturgeon won by 10 votes are you saying the same about the Scottish remainders. can’t have it both way’s mate.

          • Nor do you and the EU. Love to hear your take on the corruption in your own country, I can easily send it to you Pablo, no problem.

        • “The draft also warns that the UK should pay its liabilities ‘arising from outstanding commitments as well as make provision for off-balance sheet items, contingent liabilities and other financial costs that arise directly as a result of withdrawal.’”

          That is 60 BILLION euro.
          Another item the useless brexiters didnt take into account.

      • Momo, the UK are not seeking the same terms outside the EU, they don’t want them, and was the main reason of leaving if you recall. The UK only seeks one and surely that’s not difficult to understand as both parties have the same interest at heart which would be good for all European’s.

    • I think most people in the UK already know about the corruption in the Spanish property market so I doubt it … you only need to read some of the horrific stories previously published in the olive press to see that.

  2. I do not think that an EU exit will deliver on all it’s promises as much as being in the EU has delivered on it’s promises.
    To me leaving the EU has got rid of some of the pigs at the trough and will save the UK millions of pounds, in actual fact it will save the UK many millions more than the amounts that were flaunted during the referendum campaign.

    • Those millions could be easily lost again because of the loss of EU subsidies, by the cost of tariffs, and all of the legal work required to leave the EU, not to mention any EU pay-back amount. Let’s see how many new hospitals are built with all this “saved” money. Surely the UK will be able to regenerate just about everything with such vast sums? Britain will clearly suffer with this Brexit decision for a significant time to come. Entry back in to the EU is also an option, and may even be desirable if Britain cannot recover for a long period. Public opinions changes, after all, and the public will be in the firing line, as we’ve already seen with price rises across the board in everyday food items. May has already tried to threaten the EU with her Article 50 letter, which is a big mistake, as it will doubtless sour negotiations.

    • The EU project was a clever boondoggle for Europe’s traditional elites to maintain – or regain – privileged positions after the WW II reordering. The project was done under the guise of ‘socialism lite’, and a firm belief that a political class with links to banking and-or royal families are needed to keep the rabble in line. Now we know there is scant difference between EU’s unelected plutocracy and the plutocracies of other non-democratic governments. One of the lessons learned well by ruling elites whether left or right is that one need not own the means of production in order to extract wealth. One can gather the fruits through structural changes, taxation and nepotism illustrated by Brussels.

  3. Trying again for third time to post comments. Hope this one works. Ironically, don’t be in any doubt that many Leavers will apply for associated EU membership if it makes life easier to go on holiday, buy a house or whatever in Spain. Plus. Suits the Tories who don’t want 1000s of us returning to drain U.K. resources.

    • Debra, get it out of your head that a benefits cushion awaits returning expats. Britain has already changed for the worse Try to view the film “I Daniel Blake” directed and conceived by Ken Loach.
      It may open your eyes.
      “Return” all you like, you’ll get nowt.

  4. Well Debra, I understand that there are 1.3 million expat in Europe and 3.4 million EU citizens in the UK. Shall allow you to work out the differences. It would appear from my simple equation the UK would be approximately 2 million better off not forgetting non Europeans. That’s if your talking about figures

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