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BREAKING: Brexit begins as Theresa May formally triggers Article 50 and says the UK must ‘come together’

Theresa May e
Theresa May

Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May delivers her keynote address on the second day of the Conservative party annual conference in ManchesterTHERESA May has triggered article 50.

Some nine months after the UK voted to leave the EU, the UK prime minister has formally launched the Brexit process.

May has signed the official letter – which will be hand delivered to Brussels – informing the EU that Britain is officially leaving the 27-nation club.

The letter will be received by European Council president Donald Tusk on Wednesday.

in a statement in the Commons, May is expected to say the action marks ‘the moment for the country to come together’.

The letter will be received by 12:30 BST and will be personally delivered by British ambassador to the EU Sir Tim Barrow.

In a statement that will follow, May will say to MPs in the House of Commons that she will promise to ‘represent every person in the whole United Kingdom’ during the ensuing negotiations – including EU nationals.

She will say: “It is my fierce determination to get the right deal for every single person in this country.

“For, as we face the opportunities ahead of us on this momentous journey, our shared values, interests and ambitions can – and must -bring us together.”

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. Britain’s secret weapon. UK can secure 10 year Tariff Free trade if no EU deal. Britain could carry on trading with the EU without any tariffs for 10 years if a free trade deal has not been reached after the Brexit negotiations but doubt the EU would survive the 10 years.

    • very well put Carlos….its a very sad day for the EU and for the UK but its what the people want…….the problems this will create are about to begin….!!!!!

    • You seem to be under the illusion that the EU needs the UK more than the other way round. 30% of UK exports go to the EU and only 8% of EU exports go to the UK, so it is the UK who will suffer, and badly, with all the ramifications for the people that go along with economic disaster.

      • Momo, if that is the case why is the EU so desperate in keeping the UK under it’s thumb and how come the trade debit is greater to the EU and not the other way round that’s going by your fictitious figures. You could easily have looked up the trade deference prior to making yourself into a “Pablo” like figure. BTW, while your at it could you also explain why the EU is so concerned about the UK leaving whereas the UK is not. I hope you realize that the top dogs are only interested in insuring their ridiculous pensions and not the welfare of the ordinary EU citizens. Have a shock and look up what pensions they will be receiving, Barroso retired on an early pension of £100.000 pounds p.a, inflation linked. Now was that due to a cushy job offer at Goldman Sachs.
        Wise up Momo.

  2. The EU is profoundly illiberal, parochial, xenophobic, antidemocrcatic and unaccountable. It even took the most repellent, rabble-rousing trappings of statehood (flag, anthem) despite not even being a state. If you love Europe, its cultures and peoples, then you must hate the EU.

  3. Brexiteers will not be the only ones celebrating today, the EU27 can’t wait to see the back of the UK after years of moaning about all things EU. Who will be their scapegoat now?

    It’s all change as of today. The power will shift from the UK to the EU27 and the UK is about to get completely screwed. Enjoy.

    • Correct Jane. Now hopefully Britain will come to see who the real enemies of the people are. NOT the EU but the present and recent past incumbents of numbers ten and eleven Downing Street.

    • The same as when the FA were ridiculed as moaners for mentioning corruption in FIFA back in 2012 and look how that turned out … I am proud we Brits are a nation that are not afraid to challange corruption and mismanagement as only then will change come about even if there is a cost.

  4. Sad day, I think the UK is wrong, I personally want an end to the way we are being used as ‘bargaining chips’, the awful racism and attacks on EU immigrants in the UK and the loss of our EU Citizenship.

    • The latest news is that ‘Associate EU Citizenship’ is looking more likely than ever. It is going to be voted through by MEPs. Obviously nobody who voted/supported Leave will want it.

      • Ironically, there will Leavers who will sign up, Jane if it looks like it makes life easier to come on holiday or buy a house in Spain etc. etc. Also. It suits the Tories so they don’t have 1000s of us returning to drain UK resources.

      • Tried to post before but didn’t show so trying again. In response to you, Jane. Ironically, many Leavers will sign up for associate EU membership if it makes life easier to go on holiday or buy a house in Spain, etc. etc. Also. Suits the Tories. They don’t want 1000s of us returning to drain U.K. resources.

    • Valerie I take it your a remainder, a remainder to what. If you live in Spain or a EU country you will still be able to remain or have holiday’s. No different then before the UK joined. What one must also consider though is not being a resident and owning property in Spain capital tax on the sale of a property may increase somewhat which is currently protected by EU laws. If I recall it was something like 35% on the profit until the EU stepped in. Mind you I believe it’s 40% in the UK on second homes. Could be wrong but something to think of.

  5. The only way is down now for Theresa May. She has a huge lead in the opinion polls and all she has to do is deliver on her endless promises and stop the UK from breaking up.

    She can start by coming up with the £350 million a week the NHS was promised, but that’s never going to happen.

  6. A sad day indeed. But what about those of us who live here in Spain? Even the most extreme Brexit buffoon will accept that fings won’t be what they used to be. We may need visas, work permits and health insurance. Maybe yes, maybe no. But the first shot fired won’t come from the Spanish – it’ll come from the UK. Whatever they pull over there against the Europeans working or living in the UK, then we can expect a reaction over here. A reaction against us.
    Me, I don’t care – I’m getting Spanish nationality. But you?

  7. Lenox, ‘Associate EU Citizenship’ for individuals is looking like a real possibility now – I doubt anyone who voted/supported Leave will apply. It won’t stop the car heading for the cliff edge, help with setting up new trade agreements or mean the City has access to passporting but it does protect the 48% who voted to Remain in the EU and give them an escape route.

    Please email Guy Verhofstadt direct to show your support for this proposed scheme.

  8. I tried to contact Guy before but he was busy moving to Strasburg with the other 4000 bureaucrats but will be returning to Brussels soon at our expense so I might just wait until then.
    Just apply for Spanish citizenship like Lenox and then you can put all the bitterness behind you Jane.

  9. The road ahead will be bumpy for the UK. Boldness is risky, and the process is going to be brutal. But history will judge the people of Britain to be the pioneers of the 21st century, and the first to recognize that the pace, scale, and scope of changes underway require a paradigm shift.

    Global “leaders” have failed miserably to satisfy the economic needs of almost a billion constituents across the developed world in the 21st century. We need to re-architect the global economy so that it works for everyone, and the UK has an opportunity to start defining that new paradigm.

    By the time the negotiations with the EU are completed, the EU itself will be well on its way to dissolution. It is a relic of the 20th century; a centralized, top-down bureaucracy that is antithetical to the demands of the 21st century. It’s only a matter of time before it collapses in a heap. Eventually, the British will look smarter with each passing day, and Brexit will be added to the long list of things that the backwards looking “experts” were utterly wrong about. The UK will have a head start in figuring a path forward in this new and very complex era.

    We’re living through a rupture in history, and the people of Britain were the first to recognize and act on it. The UK has launched a national startup in one of the most important “pivots” in history, a separation from a failing EU hegemony, and Britain can now begin aiming for a better future. Respect for Britains choice, not ridicule, is warranted.

  10. Trying again for third time to post comments. Hope this one works. Ironically, don’t be in any doubt that many Leavers will apply for associated EU membership if it makes life easier to go on holiday, buy a house or whatever in Spain. Plus. Suits the Tories who don’t want 1000s of us returning to drain U.K. resources.

  11. ITs a great day.
    The children stamp their feet and cry “its the uneducated and old…”
    What the Remoaners dont understand its us wise and well-read oldies that dont blindly believe the hype from Brussels, we’ve seen it all before, and had to stop the weasels trying to make themselves kings time and time again.
    I hear you Remoaners. But i’ll let you stay on my liferaft.

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