14 Feb, 2011 @ 12:00
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Gibraltar demands answers over pollution levels

THE European Commission is being called in to inspect pollution levels in the Bay of Gibraltar.

The demand comes after the CEPSA refinery in San Roque doubled its output in a year. Gibraltar MEP Ashley Fox asked that the EC looks at pollution levels after “years of concern”.

“There have been repeated concerns about the pollution. If CEPSA have simply boosted output without tackling this problem then even more pollution is entering the bay,” he said.

“This increase in output mustn’t put people’s health at risk.”

The demand comes as new research shows that Gibraltar is not a cancer hot spot as previously believed.

An investigation, carried out by Denmark’s Aarhus University shows that the rates are within the normal range of other EU countries.

Chief minister Peter Caruana said the report should put people’s minds at rest.


  1. Is that coming from Europe’s number one (and expanding gap with second contestant) bunkering port? Talking about environment Gibraltar was deeply involved in the worst Spanish enviromental crisis, when in 2002 the Prestige sunk off the shore of Galicia. Still don’t know how it could get away from it so easily. Just for the record, the ship headed to Gibraltar, where the company’s headquarters were.

  2. Carlos, you spend too much time on this website making derogatory comments about Gibraltar. I can only conclude that you are jealous and I bet you are also an ardent supporter of Antonio Tejero (leader of the failed 23F coup).

  3. Carlos ..your comments are the result of the usual spanish media disinformation, where as long as they can get a connection between anything bad that happens and Gibraltar they consider their job done.
    The Prestige was a Greek-operated, single-hulled oil tanker, officially registered in the Bahamas, but with a Liberian-registered single-purpose corporation as the owner.
    When Spain stops the pollution from the Acerinox steel plant (one of europes largest radioactivity leaks)the Cepsa refinery, the floating dock in Camapamento and the sewage outlet from La Linea to name but a few pollutants, maybe someone will take your comments seriously.

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