HUNDREDS of hepatitis C patients took to Madrid’s streets over the weekend to protest over government spending cuts.

The protesters complained government cuts to Spain’s health system have prevented access to a  new drug to combat hepatitis C.

Organised by The Platform for Hepatitis C Sufferers, protesters marched on Spain’s Health Ministry to have their voices heard.

Hepatitis C sufferer, Antonio Fernandez, 59, said: “If they do not give us the latest generation medicines, we will die.”

On December 23, the Spanish Health Ministry said it was consulting experts ‘to ensure access for patients to the treatments they need in line with clinical criteria’.

More than 12 people die of hepatitis C in Spain every day, according to the Platform for Hepatitis C Sufferers.

Last week more than 30 people occupied the 12 de Octubre hospital in the capital, demanding the government provide affordable treatment for hepatitis C patients.


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