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Ashya King’s family want to leave Spain but scared to return to UK

THE parents of recovering brain tumour boy Ashya King have said they are unhappy living in Spain but are scared to return to the UK in case authorities take their son from them.

Father Brett, 51, said the family feel like ‘wanted criminals’ and have been ‘torn apart’ by the attitude of UK authorities.

The King’s have been living at their Casares holiday home while Ashya recovers from proton beam therapy he received in Prague.

“It’s like we’re refugees,” Brett said.

“We’re not happy here, it’s not our home. Our home is in England.”

Brett was held by police and border guards at the start of December when he attempted to return to the UK with son Naveed.

He said the family won’t attempt to travel back to their Portsmouth home until they are given assurances that social workers won’t try to take Ashya from them.

Rob Horgan

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  1. So now they “don’t like Spain” after living there for years and sending the kids to school there. You couldn’t make it up.
    Perhaps the Spanish Authorities are aware of the family…….is tax due on donations Haha.

  2. You are not the only one who does not like it there, thousands are trapped, no work, houses being knocked down… Any money you have will run out fairly quickly in Spain, maybe you need to start another fund raiser to keep the moaners happy on this board.

  3. I thought this lot of attention seekers had been quiet. They were clearly cooking up yet another press deal. Of course the kid will be taken if they come back into UK jurisdiction. His parents have unlawfully withheld his necessary chemotherapy and put his life at risk. Why would anyone think that the safeguarding authorities could overlook that? The chances are that because of what they have done the disease will be back. I understand there is still a chance for the chemo if it’s given within the next not too many weeks. Parents are manipulative and are more interested in extorting money from charities than in the wellbeing of their child. I’m still suspicious their so called religion is behind it.

  4. If foster care is warranted in England, why wouldn’t it be in Spain? Protection of the child should be universal, not regional.

    Are these parents adhering to their moral, legal, medical, and ethical obligations to their child?

    I don’t know enough to answer that, but should the question be asked?

  5. The Aussies are right… Whinging bloody Poms

    That is all we are good for these days.

    These parents did what they felt was best for THEIR child. The parents of the wife live on the same Estate in Spain. The kids are raised as Brits. … their choice.

    Millions of people face daily choices on health care. I don’t see any intention to abandon care in this case. To the contrary, a difficult and heart wrenching decision had to be made for a sick child. WE WISH THE KIDDIE WELL.

    Please leave the mob handed attitude of Benidorm in the ’70’s at home. The mob does not rule anymore. Get behind good people who want to see a change in this sad old world. Just some thoughts from a “Tired’olBrit”.

  6. The child is not having treatment just physiotherapy although follow on Chemo was advised. They are looking into “alternative auto-immune therapies” despite the fact that none have survived these expensive wonder cures.

    Not sure why the want to return, they slated the UK when they left. I agree with Curious and also that the Spanish tax officials may be looking into their affairs.

  7. Shame on those that critize this family. I’d have done exactly the same. How dare the UK authorities even think of taking them to task. They have been through hell & back, get off their backs & stop being so typically British. Some people are just spiteful minded, theres no cure sadly. I wish this family all the best for the future, to be honest there are times I’m ashamed to call myself British, as we all get tarred wth the same spiteful, bad mouthing stick.
    To those of you on this stream that are supporting this family, may you all have a happy,healthy new year x

  8. Another idiot who thinks it ok. For this family to refuse treatment and then milk the British public. I didn’t realise there were so many who would deny their kids conventional treatment.

  9. Well said G & G.

    No doubt a book and story will follow this, which will address their financial concerns… I am sure.

    What kind of people are we, running out to buy the books and stories of the Vile and Unlawful…revelling in their craftiness, sexual deviations and general depravity… and, we kick a family in the teeth for setting good standards and ownership of their own responsibilities towards their own children?

    They did not ask to be hunted down… the authorities whipped up the anger/concern of the general public.. donations rolled in. It will be interesting to see how these same cynics react if the Kings make a gesture to repay at least something towards the costs at a future date.

    As for you little Ashya…. Get better, Son…and, may something good come out of this for all others who face these gut wrenching decisions.

  10. The Kings repay some of the donations, in your dreams. Pity because some other child Cancer sufferers could benefit from their gain. Not sure what financial concerns they would have, they have a good safety net.

  11. Have any of you people who support the Kings, actually researched proton beam therapy? because you should. It is a very precise tool for the removal of tumors, and only that! Ashya’s tumor was removed by surgeons at Southampton. As the doctors and expert oncollogists have said, proton beam is not a suitable treatment, how can it be, there was no tumor for it to focus on, so was that all a con, what did happen in Prague? This whole sad affair has been whiped up by Brett King (in the first of Naveed’s videos, he complains about his sons face being plastered all over the papers, ask yourselves, who suplied those pictures to the press! As to the actions taken by the authorities, you should read The Honourable Mr Justice Bakers findings (particularly about the nasogestric tube) on the subject, instead of taking the one sided stories supplied by Brett King so that he can ‘keep the ball rolling’ adding to the £100,000++ he has made so far! and don’t forget the £20,000+ public donations to the ‘Save Asha King’ set up by Naveed & Danny King, which was paid into their private accounts and should be returned or donated to another cancer charity like Kids ‘n’Cancer. Also, try finding out if they were entitled to NHS treatment, via the NHS fraud department. You fill in the form, and for a brief moment see a ref number, before the screen blanks out! You have ‘hit a brick wall’ I think that people in high places, made a big mistake, by bowing to the 126,000 signatures on the petition.

  12. @altenor the people who support th Kings don’t bother with facts and proof. They prefer emotive stuff on Facebook etc. the Independant got it about right months ago when they did a piece titled Ashya King all is not that it seems. Read it..

  13. Hard to believe there are so many gullible people jumping to defend the Kings because understandably they feel sorry for the child. I feel mostly sorry for him because of who he has as a father. If this were a person selecting some kind of mad and wrong therapy for themselves then fair enough, but why should someone be allowed to follow some whacky course for a kid who cannot know what is going on. He disgusts me. I hope in future when this all comes out, and hopefully is reported, some of you will tune in and reflect. All is not what it appears to be on the one sided stories you have all digested like Christmas puddings!

  14. Immune therapy probably the future of cancer treatment but it’s also probably years away at least for most. Just the typing is currently beyond us routinely, never mind the drugs that will need to be developed. King knows this. He is just playing games to keep his kid away from the recognised therapies because in his twisted wisdom he’s decided he doesn’t like them.

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