HOSPITALS have fallen into chaos over the Christmas period, due to staff absences.

Nurses’ union Satse has denounced the staffing levels in hospitals in Malaga province, warning that the problem will only get worse in the coming weeks.

According to a statement released by the union, the Carlos Haya hospital in Malaga does not have sufficient numbers of staff to carry out emergency operations, as the staff were all busy with non-urgent patients.

Satse has now warned that the problem has spread to the operating rooms for the pediatric and maternity departments.

Just two weeks ago, workers in the emergency department at the hospital threatened to go on strike over the Christmas period in protest at the lack of staff in the emergency department.

One week later, workers in the maternity ward complained that the responsibility for the classification of patients had fallen to administrative staff rather than nurses.

They explained the situation using the example of a child who was waiting for an appendix operation not being operated on because the staff were taken up with minor injuries, such as burns.

The hospital’s personnel department explained that as the hospital has not yet met the required number of surgeries for the year, to boost numbers staff are working on non-urgent but easily programmable surgeries.


  1. My wife fell broke her hip on xmas eve morning taken to hospital clinico op not done by 30th said now it would be after 3 kings forced to go private caught cold chest infection there so now wai
    ing for that to be sorted certainly got impression they just wanted her to go or have a miracle cure half ward closed

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