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A TOP TV executive has resigned after his station interrupted its New Year’s Eve countdown in Almeria with adverts.

The error, made on regional network Canal Sur, left revellers unable to follow the traditional eating of the grapes in time with the clock chimes.

It has been blamed on ‘human error, involving at least three station employees’, according to El Pais.

“All of us here apologise to Andalucians for this unfortunate error,” a spokesman for the public channel said after an emergency meeting.

“When these types of events are broadcast, they can either be done manually or pre-programmed, which was the case here.

“The commercial break was supposed to have occurred at 12.01am, right after the clock chimes, but instead broke in at midnight.

“When they were finally able to eliminate it, the clock was on the 10th chime,” said the spokesman.

Jose Luis Pereniguez, director of broadcasts and continuity, has since resigned from his post.


  1. Anyone who watches digital tv channels in Spain will be familiar with this, they regularly break a programme with an actor mid-sentence for an ad break, maybe they might consider scrapping the automatically timed ad breaks after this?

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