A BRITISH minister stormed out of a top EU meeting after Spain successfully blocked Gibraltar from entering a new EU air safety deal.

Robert Goodwill quit the Brussels summit ‘in protest’ after the decision was made to exclude the British territory from plans to make flights quicker and safer by merging European airspace.

The EU Transport Council consequently agreed that they were unable to pass the document through due to Goodwill’s objection.

“I left the Council in protest at what was a completely unacceptable situation,” said Goodwill, the Scarborough Tory MP.

Spain gained the support of Italy in a ploy to exclude Gibraltar from the deal as a way of getting the proposal wrapped up.

The air safety deal is now on hold and new negotiations will now be required to resolve the dispute.

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  1. In 2006 Spain signed the Córdoba agreement in which she agreed to stop seeking to exclude Gibraltar from EU aviation measures. The present situation is over Spain’s frustration that she can’t do anything about Gibraltar’s airport and the isthmus. The UK gave Spain the opportunity to go to the ICJ with it over the Isthmus, airspace, territorial waters and status of the Rock back in the 1960s and Spain declined and as a result has acquiesced to the present situation. In addition, Spain signed the Helsinki Accord which committed States to agree that borders in Europe can only be changed ‘by consent.’ So Spain would ultimately fail if the case ever went to the ICJ. It is not within the EU’s remit to deal with any ‘alleged sovereignty dispute.’

  2. 8 years ago, ,signed by Moratinos , not Margallo, and besides if Britain pulls out of the EU in 3 year,s time, what is the problem?
    this newsitem have obviuosly stung you , buy yourselves some afterbite ¡¡¡

    by th way why dont you post any comment about that british gang who are now at the cop shop for drug trafficking, yeah some truths can be painful to our conceit and self respect ,, arent they?

  3. @sebastian: do you really equate a few criminals of any nationality to the systematic bullying and intimidation antics of a supposedly civilized country?
    Gib will NEVER be under spanish authority in any shape or form, so why not just grow up and deal with real issues like rampant corruption?

  4. @sebastian, The Cordoba Agreement was signed by the Spanish government of the day on behalf of the Spanish state, it doesn’t matter that the government has changed, the agreement still stands, but clearly, sticking to agreements is a bit of a challenge for the Spain…

    If the UK pulls out of the EU, Spain will be one of the biggest losers. Perhaps you should bone up on exactly how much money Spain gets from the EU and where that comes from…

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