SPAIN’S Supreme Court has agreed to look into a Belgian woman’s claim that ex-King Juan Carlos is her father.  

Ingrid Sartiau claims to be the illegitimate daughter of the former monarch, saying that her mother had an affair with him in the 1960s.

Sartiau’s claims date back 2012, but the case was dismissed because the ruling monarch has immunity from prosecution.

However, as Juan Carlos abdicated last year the paternity suit can now go ahead.

Royal officials said they respected the independence of the court, but refused further comment.

Juan Carlos, 77, has until February 4 to respond to the suit. Ultimately, the former king could be asked to take a paternity test and the case could go as far as a public hearing.

The court rejected a separate claim by Alberto Sola, born in Barcelona in 1956, who also said his mother had an affair with the former King.


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