Friday, June 2, 2023
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Spanish Supreme Court uphold prison sentence ruling for rapper who slandered monarchy

A RAPPER has been sentenced to three-and-half-years after slandering the Spanish monarchy. On Tuesday Spain’s Supreme Court upheld the sentence that a Madrid court had...

HOLIDAY HELL: British mum and son spent 60 HOURS on FIVE FLIGHTS getting home from southern Spain after Ryanair...

A BRITISH mother and son spent a hellish 60 hours flying home from southern Spain after Monarch's collapse and the wave of Ryanair cancellations...

Spanish hotel bosses threaten stranded British tourists with ARRESTS if they don’t cough up Monarch’s unpaid bills worth THOUSANDS...

BRITS left stranded by Monarch's folding yesterday have been locked out of their hotel rooms and threatened with arrest over the airline's unpaid bills. The...

‘Biggest ever peacetime repatriation’ to get thousands of holidaymakers home after Monarch collapse

Thousands left stranded in Spain as CAA scrambles to bring Brits back

British airline Monarch pushed flight sale to Spain THREE days before going bust

BRITISH airline Monarch pushed a flight sale just THREE days before it went bust. The airline, which ceased all activities this morning, sent out a...

Over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Brits left stranded abroad as Monarch ceases trading and cancels 300,000 bookings

AN estimated 100,000 British tourists have been left stranded abroad after Monarch ceased trading today.  The British airline has been forced to cancel 300,000 bookings...

WATCH: Two British lawyers’ explosive argument over armrest on flight to Malaga

Other passengers can be heard giggling in the clip

Spanish royal visit to UK cancelled for political reasons

The first state visit in over 30 years has been axed due to the instability of the government

Spain’s former King Juan Carlos faces paternity suit

The Supreme Court is looking into a Belgian woman's claim that she is the former monarch's illegitimate child

Flying high as couple win big against Monarch

British tourists sue airline over delayed flight from Mallorca

New direct flights between Gibraltar and the Midlands

A new route from Gibraltar to Birmingham Airport has been launched by Monarch airlines.

Liverpool route fails to take off

Easyjet to end service to Gibraltar after just 18 months

Last call to win flights

Up to 16s can enter our writing competition to win flights or book tokens. Deadline March 15!

Airline announces new route between Spain and UK

Monarch will operate Barcelona to Gatwick service from October

More Monarch flights from UK to Spain

UK airline Monarch have scheduled more budget flights from Spain to the UK





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