THIS is the moment two British lawyers got into an explosive argument over an armrest on a Monarch flight to Malaga.

The man and woman involved in the heated exchange both exclaimed that they were lawyers and made threats to each other before having to be torn apart by cabin crew staff.

Other passengers can be heard giggling in the clip, which was filmed by a holidaymaker.

The man can be heard saying:

“We are arguing over an armrest. Relocate her. I’m not going anywhere.
“I paid for this seat. The woman is obnoxious and rude. I’m not moving anywhere, anywhere at all.”

A flight attendant can be seen attempting to cool the situation down as the woman demands the man be moved.

She began yelling that she was a lawyer and knew her rights. He bit back: “I’m a lawyer too, you stupid woman.”

The woman retorted: “I’m going to report this to the airline if you guys don’t do anything.

“He just punched me. I’m a lawyer and I will sue you guys if you don’t do anything. He just hit me with his elbow and everyone has seen it.”

The man labelled her a liar and decided to stand his ground.

One passenger could then be heard saying: “Everyone’s a lawyer today.”

The man eventually moves to the back of the plane.


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