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Spanish royal visit to UK cancelled for political reasons

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King Felipe and Queen Letizia

The Coronation Of King Felipe VI And Queen Letizia Of SpainTHE long-awaited royal state visit to the UK has been scrapped because of how long it is taking Spain to form a government.

In a statement from Spain’s foreign ministry, it was revealed that the visit of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia has been ‘postponed’.

The invitation to visit the UK from March 8 to 10 2016 was accepted by the monarch on December 3.

It was especially exciting because Felipe has not visited the UK since he became king in June 2014, and it is over 30 years since the last Spanish state visit to the UK.

They were due to stay at Windsor Castle in a three-day visit.

Unfortunately, political instability brought about by the fragmented results of December 20’s general elections have ended Spain’s traditional two-party system.

The king has nominated PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez to form a government, but since it may take up to four weeks, the Royals have decided to stay at home.

Iona Napier

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  1. stefanjo,
    your comment about Al-Andaluz could’nt be more inaccurate – a civilized land, where natural resources were used with intelligence. Who built houses that are still better built and suited to the various climates in the peninsular than the crap, built today

    Whose universities were the sole seat of learning, 4 centuries ahead of the foul smelling Christian savages to the north. Whose cuisine is still being used today but which idiots think is ‘Spanish’.

    Subjugated – then you’ve never heard of the Cordoba Concorde. But your right about the Roman Catholic gangsters, working as always for Fascism right up to the 20th century

  2. The “indigenous” Spanish would be the people occupying Spain, before the Moors hove in sight and took over. So come on Stuart, now is your chance to bore us all silly with a long-winded diatribe on history. Again.

  3. Perhaps before the battle of trafalgar Spain was taking a world view perhaps greater than Britain and looking at what the Iberians did and built several thousand years BC geografically Spain was perhaps then a great area of cretivity.

  4. stefanjo,
    you have no argument or you would have presented it, I expected better from you. You present a negative Ayran opinion on the people of the Mahgreb, centuries of Christian programming did that. You Aryans subjugated part of the island (UK) and called it, eventually – England. Quite rightly the Aryan invasion of Europe was called the Dark Ages because the Aryan savages destroyed and never created anything for centuries.
    The Semites by contrast introduced huge advances in just about every field, so yes I say your use of the word ‘subjugated’ is erroneous

  5. Disappointing Stuart. I expected a far more rambling and lengthier rant from you. If a people come from another country and take over by force of arms, the following situation is subjugation. If the invaders then improve that country, (for their own ends) fine, but that doesn’t make the original inhabitants “great”. Happy recipients of their improved lot maybe, but still subjugated.
    I wasn’t slagging off the Moors, they USED to be clever chaps, not so smart these days though.
    Dictionary definition: Subjugate – To bring under dominion; conquer; subdue; to make subservient.
    That’s what happened isn’t it?
    Last word OP, sorry for veering wildly from the subject.

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