A BRITISH expat has denied reports linking him to the kidnapping of his daughter.

Alex Willson, 45, who lives in Mojacar, is ‘throwing everything he has’ at various newspapers after they reported his ongoing custody battle with American ex-wife Dawn, 43.

“I will not comment on the dispute as it is a private matter,” Alex, a metal trader, told the Olive Press last night.

“However, I am pursuing legal action and will be throwing everything I have at anyone who doesn’t check their facts first.”

He hit the headlines after his TV producer ex Dawn, who lives in the US, insisted he had denied her court-ordered visitation rights to see daughter Rocky 13 times in the past decade.

She described her battle with him as ‘10 years of hell’ and insisted she intends to continue fighting until she has her daughter back.

“The last 10 years have been an ongoing nightmare,” she told the Olive Press. “I didn’t want to splash my daughters face across the Daily Mail, but that is what he has forced me to do.”

She claims that Alex took their 13-year-old daughter on a ‘spur-of-the-moment trip’ to London on the day she had planned to visit Spain last month.

During her stay in Almeria, Dawn made four separate denuncias against Alex to the police.

She was finally reunited with her daughter on January 7, 23 days after she arrived in Spain.

Following a few ‘emotional’ days with her daughter she returned to North Carolina leaving Rocky with her dad.

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