31 Jan, 2015 @ 14:55
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Thousands gather for Podemos’ ‘Marcha del Cambio’ rally in Madrid

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PODEMOS: Four-legged suppporter.
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SUPPORTERS of the anti-corruption party have been congregating in the capital for today’s ‘show of strength’ rally.

Spain’s new Podemos party wants to emulate the success of Syriza in Greece by breaking the two-party political hold on the country.

In the latest opinion poll, Podemos came top with 28% of the vote.

Karl Smallman

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  1. Podemos & Siryza don’t have any weapons but the Spanish and Greek armies do and both armies are controlled by the old fascist families – the elites are not going to give ground easily – when demonstrating man with mouth meets man with machine pistol – guess who wins every time.

    If the Spanish elite act violently what do you think limp wristed Brussels will do – nothing just like Yugoslavia where I lost dear friends at Srebeniza.

  2. Marion,
    nice to be rich in Venezuela before Hugo arrived on the scene. The rich could kill with impunity, whilst paying no taxes and grafting money out of Venezuela never to return. Chavez did’nt loot the country but helped others all over South America and the Carribean – very, very anti-capitalist that, not to the liking of neo-cons like yourself.

  3. Who in their right mind would admire a basket case like Venezuela – they’ve got to be joking. Venezuela has one of the highest murder rates in the world, loads of drug trafficking, a shortage of goods and an extremely high rate of corruption and the Foreign Office warn Brits not to travel there. Exactly what is good about this place?

    Stefanjo, nobody dislikes the current system in Spain more than me and as you know, I constantly complain about the wretched Junta de Andalucía but it’s hard to believe that a political party that admires Venezuela will be any better and if they mirror their policies (if you can call them policies) they would make things even worse and yes, that is possible.

    Nobody knows nearly enough about Podemos and their policies and it is dangerous to assume that they will be better than the other two just because you want them to be, they could turn out to be worse.

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