change (1)AN alleged short-changer is back behind the tills at Lidl in Velez-Malaga.

Expats have taken to a Facebook forum to complain about a female cashier who repeatedly leaves them with incorrect change.

Complaints of the light-fingered check-out assistant first surfaced last summer, before she disappeared from the tills.

But… now she’s back and already up to her old tricks.

“I just want to warn people that she is back and she is still short-changing people,” said an expat who was conned last week.

“I was short-changed by a euro. Thankfully I knew what she is like so I was watching the bill.

“I know it’s only a euro but if she does it to 20 people a day then she’s making quite a profit.”

A spokesman from Lidl told the Olive Press that they cannot comment on specific allegations but they take formal complaints about members of staff ‘extremely seriously’.

If you have been a victim of the Lidl short-changer contact or make a complaint to Lidl by calling 902 24 32 22


  1. Very good of the Expats looking to Facebook for help but I feel that firstly Lidl then the police should be told. I am not sure about this mind set that now makes people do everything on Facebook, accusing people sometimes incorrectly. Shame about the poor chap in the North of UK that was beaten senseless because someone accused him of being a paedophile, a comment that was later found to be a mistake oooops.

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