YOUNG LOVE: El Corte Ingles advert campaign
YOUNG LOVE: El Corte Ingles advert campaign

EL Corte Ingles has launched its first ever homosexual campaign through a series of Valentine’s adverts. 

Directed by Roberto Perez Toledo, the advert named ‘Cupid in Love’ has received ‘overwhelming’ support from the general public.

Malaga-based actor Angel Velasco said he has been left ‘in shock’ by the support he has received for his role in the ad.

“After Christmas, Roberto told me he was preparing this project”, Velasco said.

“In Malaga advertisers should not exclude homosexuals. In the end we all fall in love with someone, sometimes that person is of your own sex, sometimes not.

“I think it is important to recognise homosexual love as something conventional.”

In the advert Velasco stars alongside Rocal Pelayo in which Cupid speaks of ‘love at first sight’ between two boys.

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  1. When did the word ,”homosexual” become non-P.C.? Damn, I stopped using the word “queer” just when it became fashionable again with that T.V. series.
    So let’s get this right, is everybody “gay” now? Apart from me of course.

    • In this kind of context, a very long time ago, I’m afraid.

      Just search for “gay” on most western anglophone news sites and you’ll see. It’s just the accepted norm, which is the only reason that the difference here stuck out.

      Yeah, there’s more important things to worry about, but language is very powerful.

  2. G&G, global support will always be a challenge because of religions that are fundamentally against it – some more than others. Only last week another bloke was thrown off a tall building in a muslim country for being gay.

  3. If everyone would listen to the likes of us. I’m a mum with a Single hot blooded Son that loves women, a Daughter that’s married with a very much wanted IVF baby ( so many critize IVF) and my handomson 18 1/2 year old Son. Im so proud of all 3, they are all unique in their own righ. They arent pedophiles, murders or rapist, so they are ALL perfect. Sounds like there are very fab people on this chat too. My love, hugs & respect to you all x

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