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Q: What are cataracts?
A: There are three main types:
• Nuclear cataract – this causes gradual reduction in vision
• Cortical cataract – this may give rise to poor vision associated with seeing halos around lights, or seeing double with one eye.
• Posterior subcapsular lens opacities – these tend to cause reduction in vision (especially for reading), susceptibility to bright lights and glare.

Q: Am I at risk of developing them?
A: As we grow older, the lens of the eye becomes less clear until, ultimately, a cataract that causes reduction in vision is present. Those with a family history of cataracts are at higher risk and should have regular checkups.

Q: What can I do to avoid cataracts?
A: Unfortunately, not much. They are generally part of the ageing process. But too much sunlight can make people more susceptible to cataracts, so it’s important to wear good-quality sunglasses.

Q: How are cataracts treated?
A: They are treated very effectively by a common surgical procedure.

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