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ALL AMERICAN: Leader Pablo Iglesias on the New York subway

PODEMOS has gone international, arriving in both the UK and the US this week.

Leader Pablo Iglesias arrived in New York in search of inspiration for an ‘economic program’ to put an end to austerity politics in Spain.

Several of his stop-offs on his tour of the city were symbolic, including a visit to Columbia University to meet with Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, a powerful critic of restrictive politics in Europe.

“I’ll borrow an idea from Professor Stiglitz,” said the pony-tailed politician, speaking in English. “Austerity is going to topple the global economy, and inequality is bad for the economy because it increases instability.”

New York in itself is a symbolic visit for Podemos, with Wall Street offering the springboard for the 2011 Occupy movement in protest of worldwide inequality.

Meanwhile, Iglesias’ right-hand man Inigo Errejon arrived at the University of Essex, in the UK, to give a lecture on the legacy of Argentine post-Marxist political theorist Ernesto Laclau.


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