Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Pablo Iglesias re-elected as Podemos leader

The firebrand leader cemented his control of the left-wing party by winning both the votes in the general secretary and political agenda races, both of which he said he needed to win to remain in the top job

Podemos members to vote on new policy direction next month

Podemos is to give all its members the chance to decide on future policy between February 4 and 11

Podemos rivals accuse one another as Pablo Iglesias and Inigo Errejon row heats up

Party organiser slammed for hashtag campaign against Errejon

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias threatens to quit Spain’s anti-corruption party

Iglesias issued the ultimatum as rival Inigo Errejon prepared to address the party’s national conference

Podemos sets up in Andalucia for ‘crucial’ elections while Teresa Rodriguez heads to London

"If anywhere needs political regeneration and fresh air, it's Andalucia," said Inigo Errejon

From New York to Essex: Podemos takes on the world

Pablo Iglesias and Inigo Errejon have adopted a 'divide and conquer' mentality

BREAKING: Podemos secretary suspended without pay from the University of Malaga

Inigo Errejon has been suspended and faces disciplinary proceedings regarding a breach of his work contract with the university

Podemos secretary forced to deny corruption claims

Inigo Errejon was accused of breaching his work contract with the University of Malaga

Podemos officially elects its governing body with Pablo Iglesias as secretary general

Podemos' governing members were elected while Pablo Iglesias' leadership was legitimised

Podemos shows support for Julian Assange

Spain's new left-wing political force Podemos offers legal support to whistle blower Julian Assange