LONDONER: Teresa Rodriguez

PODEMOS is upping the ante for its Andalucia campaign, in the lead up to the ‘absolutely fundamental’ elections on March 22.

The party leader, Pablo Iglesias himself, will be arriving at the party’s Andalucian headquarters in Sevilla for at least two visits before the elections.

“The Andalucian elections are absolutely fundamental and crucial for Podemos, as they are the first in the election cycle,” said Iglesias’ second-in-command Inigo Errejon.

“And if anywhere needs political regeneration and fresh air it is Andalucia. Historically, the region has been a portal for sparking political change.”

Sergio Pascual, Podemos’ secretary for organisation, added that thanks to donations from citizens of the region, the party has raised more than €100,000.

“We owe nothing to the banks, nor to corporations, and with the finances collected up until this moment we are able to match the other parties. And the money will be returned to the Andalucians in November,” said Pascal, who estimates the total cost of the campaign to be €600,000.

“We will continue to raise funds,” he added.

He went on to explain why the Podemos candidate for the presidency of the Junta, Teresa Rodriguez, spent Andalucia Day in London.

“She went in order to be nearer the Andalucians who have had to move abroad, and who want to feel a little closer to their land,” he continued. “They have demanded to be heard as well.

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