ONE of the leaders of anti-corruption political party Podemos has been forced to deny he is corrupt.

Political Secretary Inigo Errejon was accused of breaching his work contract with the University of Malaga for which he earns €1,825 per month.

An investigation was launched after it became apparent that his busy campaigning schedule meant he was not fulfilling the terms of the Junta-financed job, which meant him working from 8am to 4pm at the Malaga campus.

However, the issue was quickly cleared up when his boss Alberto Montero insisted this week that he had authorised Errejon to continue his research in Madrid while pursuing his campaign with Podemos.

“All that has been revealed is that we are people with jobs,” said Errejon. “We (Podemos) are from the working and middle-class, and we work a lot. We haven’t been given any freebies.”

He continued: “They will have to lie tons about us to be successful, and even then they will not be able to stop us.”

Junta housing boss, Elena Cortes, has demanded a ‘detailed written report’ regardless to confirm whether or not Errejon has fulfilled his contractual obligations.



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