RIVAL Podemos factions are accusing each other of damaging the left-wing party.

It comes as the row between leader Pablo Iglesias and number two Inigo Errejon intensified.

ROW: Podemos crisis as leaders battle
ROW: Podemos crisis as leaders battle

The party’s third in command, Pablo Echenique, has been criticsed for join a twtter campaign, #inigoasino, against deputy Errejon.

But Madrid town hall spokesperson Rita Maestre has said the ‘campaign against Errejon is damaging Pablo Iglesias’.

“It’s a campaign that’s only objective is to discredit a colleague,” said Maestre.

Echenique, Podemos’s Organisation Secretary, has accused his critics of dividing the party.


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  1. Pablo Inglesias damaged himself already with tantrums and behavior like a teenager
    Hey I love teenagers but this man just ego-ed around and it was all about him…
    so now HE FINALES AND GIVES US RAJOY on a plate with no aceitunas.

    • It was actually the PSOE who handed power to Rajoy, by abstaining from a vote against him in October. Thus leaving a possibility of a later bid for their own power. Podemos, for all it’s promise, is strictly a minority movement, unlikely to shake the see-saw politics that dominate Spain. Same goes for Ciudadanos.

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