18 Feb, 2015 @ 16:50
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Illegal construction inspections kick off across Malaga

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Inspectors will target 12 regions including Estepona (above)

INSPECTIONS into illegal buildings are kicking off across Malaga province.

Inspectors will target 12 regions including Estepona (above)
Inspectors will target 12 regions including Estepona (above)

The land registry is expecting to find up to 39,000 ‘irregular buildings’ – constructions, extensions or modifications built without paying the necessary IBI local rent.

As many as 758,000 homes in Estepona, Malaga and 10 other towns will be inspected in a second phase of the checks, that initially began in 2013 and concentrated on some 29 towns in the province.

Malaga city itself is expected to house some 390,000 such developments – around one in 10 of the total properties in the city – equating to fines of around €2.3 million.

The 10% will include any small alterations that the homeowners have failed to report.

Inspectors compare aerial photographs with constructions on the ground and fines start at €60, proportionate to the seriousness of the change.

Some of the ‘irregularities’ commonly detected are new swimming pools, extensions and building on vacant plots.

Iona Napier

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  1. There are loads of both minor and major add-ons to houses on the hillsides around Malaga, discreetly hidden under lean-to roofs, the area around Coin, Alhaurin, Cartama, Monda, etc etc are rife with these. The Junta is known for helicopter fly pasts as well as officials turning up in their cars unannounced. Best policy is to ensure any undeclared construction is seen as a temporary structure if they call i.e. just bolted to existing walls which I believe is allowed within reason.

  2. Perhaps they could learn from another urban body that is having to investigate illegal constructions.. “Local authorities in the capital previously launched a crackdown on “beds in sheds”, concealed in back gardens, which were being sold or rented for living purposes without being granted planning permission ” “http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/yours-for-280000-this-one-bedroom-detached-house-10053371.html”

    • Sheds are not “constructions” btw; another off-topic fail for you lol. Whilst you are there please share a link to stories about all the illegal builds in the UK. Good luck with that.

      Spain’s latest exercise will surely be another extranjero fleecing scheme. Because the planning system is so poor and corrupt, people will doubtless be fined for works that they were previously told were legal and for which they had an obra menor/mejor for, after all, just about everything your local town hall tells you should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  3. The fee on receiving the paperwork is 60 Euros, a lot of people are referring to this as a fine wrongly……I paid it 7 months ago…..the price of living in Spain…..luckily no building or extensions have been carried out on my house……………..BTW has anyone noticed that when you have your car towed now,unlike before,you pay the tow charge to get the car back,then,3 weeks later a fine comes through!!!!!!!!!………the price of living in Spain…………fed up of paying the price now after 20 years!!!

  4. I think squiddy is referring to areas of London populated almost entirely by Indians who do make a lot of black money renting out their garages and outhouses to illegal immigrants mostly from the Indian sub continent. As soon as the PC (political correctness) crowd are dealt with so will this problem. Just start confiscating their homes and deporting them and the problem will disappear overnight.

    Apart from this importation of corruption from India where is the illegal building in the UK – do tell us so we can investigate and ascertain if you are stating fact or fiction.

  5. Why GUAQ DBMarcos99 etc always takes subjects off-topic, back to London where he lives as well, but a ‘doomster’ nonetheless about his home country. He snipes from his little bookshop, pathetic!

    What a pleasure it is to read Olive Press topics that he cannot control and hijack as he does elsewhere, even if he does post his multitude of links here as on other forums, we cannot even click on them which is a blessing, so funny that Troll is Lol Lol

  6. The ‘beds in sheds’ story is mostly centred around Newham, which is why they have launched a landlord licencing scheme, and as Stuart points out, 90% of the landlords involved are of Indian and Pakistani descent.

    As for this story, it is yet another attempt by the Spanish authorities to extract more money out of people using the tripwire technique. I am in no doubt that people who have the correct permissions and paperwork will end up being fined because their paperwork has been ‘lost’. If the town halls were sensible and didn’t say no to everything and, within reason, allowed pools, extensions, etc, this situation is much less likely to have arisen. This is yet another example of how Spain has gone so horribly wrong.

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