THE ability to move donated organs across the country is about to get a whole lot faster.

BULLET TRAINS: Will be transporting organs across Spain
BULLET TRAINS: Will be transporting organs across Spain

For the first time, organs will be fast-tracked on Spain’s long-distance bullet train network in a move that could save thousands of lives.

The country’s tourism minister, Ana Pastor, and health minister, Alfonso Alonso, reached an agreement to allow the free movement of organ transplants on the extensive train network.

The service will initially be used exclusively for crossover kidney transplants from living donors. If that is deemed a success, the service could be extended to other organ donors.

Spain’s bullet train network is the second largest in the world – behind only China – spanning across more than 3,000km of track.

The first crossover kidney transplant with a living donor took in Spain took place in July 2009. Since then, more than 100 such transplants have taken place.

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