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SPANISH Formula One driver Fernando Alonso will stay in hospital for a few more days to undergo further tests, following a crash in Barcelona.

“The impact was quite hard and we want to be sure that everything is fine,” said Luis Garcia Abad, Alonso’s manager.

“I can’t say whether it will be one, two or three more days before was can confirm that he’s fully recovered.”

The two-time world champion, who drives for McLaren, hit a wall on the exit of Turn Three, on the final day of pre-season testing, at speeds of up to 240kph.

When asked whether Alonso would be ready for the final series of F1 pre-season tests, which will start on February 26, Abad said: “The most important test at the moment is the test that the doctors are doing now.

“The rest of the tests are just tests. We have to be ready for the races, not for that.”

The 2015 F1 season begins on March 15, with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

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