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Monumental conspiracy: Gibraltar’s Europa Point honours Polish Prime Minister

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Polish PMNOT a lot of people know that Europa Point showcases a monument to a former Polish Prime Minister who lost his life in a freak plane crash on the Rock.

Wladyslaw Eugeniusz Sikorski lost his life in 1943, when his plane crashed into the sea just 16 seconds after taking off from Gibraltar Airport.

At the time, the crash was attributed to cargo moving to the back of the plane during takeoff.

But several conspiracy theories are still doing the rounds today.

Shoddy maintenance causing the controls to jam, a deliberate crash-landing from the pilot (the only surviving passenger) are two of the most popular.

And recently, various articles and films produced in Poland have claimed the general was murdered.

In 2008 the Polish government ordered a reassessment of the accident, but could not reach a conclusion.

One thing is certain: in the months before his death, Sikorski was proving to be a thorn in the side of the Russians as he promoted an independent Poland…

Rob Horgan

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  1. I’m not one usually fond of conspiracy theories, but anyone familiar with the historical (and present-day) machinations and murderous intrigues proceeding out of the Kremlin immediately suspects this to be the case as well. Very many similar but unproven intrigues resulting in death/disfigurement to individuals (including Russian journalists) opposing the criminals in power in the Kremlin have been the result of Kremlin planning and direction from start to finish. We have only to look at recent events of the past two decades for many more recent proofs of the present murderous oligarchy controlling the Kremlin. Few people know that 35% of Russia’s wealth is owned by a few dozen of these, Vladimir Putin foremost among them. And, the story told here is not the only instance of a Polish prime minister (standing in opposition to Kremlin hegemony) killed in an inexplicable airplane crash. V. Putin is nothing more than a common criminal dressed up as head of state, just as was J. Stalin–but with a propaganda machine modeled after the successes of Goebbels in Nazi Germany. The majority of the Russian populace today overlook their suspicions, preferring to accept the propaganda line: their macho-appearing leader is the defender of Russian culture and the restorer of past greatness (Hitler’s old line, of course), just as implied in the beautiful closing of the Sochi Olympics. My viewpoint results from much study and personal experience, having spent all together years inside Russia, Ukraine (including much time in Crimea, also the Donetsk Region), Poland, and Cuba and having had personal contacts with past Soviet and American presidents.

  2. illuminati killed that polish prime minister – they also killed JFK and Princess Diana, Bruce Lee Brandon Lee, 2pac,biggie,whitney houston, anna nicole smith, etc etc

    This is boring and old I worked this out ages ago

    9/11 was a ‘false flag’ just google ‘false flag operations’ & google ‘operation northwoods’ to get into the middle east – i’m afraid folks history is one big lie.

    Watch out for September something major will happen – ‘shemitah year’ the blood moon connection

  3. What with Illuminati and OldTestament ranters, it seems to be bonkers week at the Olive Press. Are you all gearing up for April fools day?
    Or are your new offices on a mad ley line?

  4. Here we go once again…with the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, primary opposition figure against Putin. This assassination was extremely professionally done with intricate planning, within sight of the Kremlin. An enormous snow-removal truck just happened to be blocking the crime (six bullets within four seconds, four of the shots fatal) as well as the getaway car and its identity from the view of the security video cameras which are everywhere there. The working truck also just happened to obliterate all the evidence accidentally while doing its snow removal. Perfect timing and execution. Possibly, mad Vlad was himself watching out the window. Putin is a bully, while we are represented by a sissy whose continual policies of appeasement are putting the world and our nation in the most-serious danger and gravest peril imaginable.

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