LAWNMOWERS, golf buggies and electric scooters may soon need car insurance if the EU gets its way.

A sit-on lawnmower
A sit-on lawnmower

In a contentious new directive, insurance rates would rise considerably for all motorists with additional vehicles.

Up until now, the SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification), allowing vehicles to be kept on private land insurance-free, has protected the rights and pockets of petrolheads.

But after a recent legal case where a Slovenian man was knocked off his ladder by a tractor on private land with insurers refusing to pay up, the European Court of Justice called for stricter rules.

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  1. Judging by the speed some folk drive at on mobility scooters they could do with only 1 gear, namely ‘crawl’, possibly only group who need insurance. Golfers can do what they like, drive into lakes if they want to they won’t affect road/sidewalk users.

    The rest is just another EU revenue raising gimmick, I do hope the UK gets it’s referendum to go it alone and make it’s own laws, I watch Podemos in Spain with interest from now on to see if that have a view on this.Lol

  2. It is about time everyone had to have Personal insurance that also included a good no claims bonus scheme. Accidents with mowers etc then could be covered also if you do dangerous sports then your insurance would cover your hospital treatment saving the taxpayer from paying for someone else’s death wishes.

  3. I saw golf buggies with number-plates (but no seat belts) whizzing about silently on the streets and roads of Laguna Beach in California last summer. Lawn mowers? Can’t remember any (besides which, they’d be for the Mexican staff). Here, there’s talk of bicycles being insured (never were in my day). We are without doubt living in a new and wondrous world.
    Me, I preferred the old one.

  4. It is this type of stupidity that discredits the EU and turns people again it – people are paid huge salaries to sit in offices in Brussels to come up with this garbage. They never do anything useful that improves peoples’ lives, they just meddle in bureaucratic trivia and for some reason, the UK are obsessed with gold plating these directives while other countries sensibly ignore them. If the EU is to survive, it needs to change and fast.

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