THE disgraced owner of a Torremolinos animal sanctuary faces four years in prison for animal cruelty.

Carmen Marin was arrested in 2010 after the sanctuary killed two and aParque-Animal-Torremolinos half times the number of animals in a 20-month period than is legally allowed.

A report from Seprona claimed a smaller dose of anaesthetic was used – apparently to save costs – which meant the animals suffered ‘slow and agonising’ deaths.

The animals were reportedly put down ‘without veterinary supervision and with the wrong drugs, leading to unnecessary and unjustifiable suffering’.

In some cases, cats and dogs were put in freezers when they were still alive.

Now the prosecution’s investigation into malpractice at the sanctuary states 2,200 animals were destroyed in three years.

It recommends Marin is jailed for animal cruelty, unauthorised practice and falsifying documents, as well as fined €7,200 and banned from working with animals.

One employee is also charged with animal cruelty and unauthorised practice.

In 2012 the Olive Press revealed the close relationship between Marin and Torremolinos Town Hall.

Court documents showed she made a series of unexplained payments totalling over €50,000 to Mayor Pedro Fernandez Montes’ brother Jose Fernandez.

They were made in a series of six ‘to the bearer’ cheque transactions between December 2005 and March 2006. All of them were cashed by the brother.

Torremolinos Town Hall declined to comment.

Marin is also accused of using the charity’s money for hotel stays, driving lessons and spa treatments as well as favours for friends and family.


  1. One very sad individual, who would go out of their way to hurt and kill animals. You do know that in most cases of animal abuse, the individual goes onto hurting and indeed killing people.

    Imprisoning this person isn’t justice for all those lost souls, however they are all now in a better place that’s for sure.

    As for the killer, as that is what they are.. Then would rather live in hope that they see the light and change their ways… However my instinct tells me that some people simply refuse to change or are infact poor evil.

  2. Four years plus fine is what the prosecution will have asked for. This is usually bargained down. She could easily walk free. Even if the demand is granted, she will be unlucky to serve two, much of which will be spent in a hostal if she gets a job, home leave at weekends, plus five free days every month. Conjugal visits, electronic goodies, the ability to spend her own money inside. Cushy aint the word.
    The justice system in Spain is crap, but it’s made up for in the penal system.

  3. I know corruption and animal abuse occur in all corners of the world. But…when I read about this case I thought to myself ‘Only in Spain!’.
    Spain MUST get its act together with regards regard to corruption, malpractice and animal abuse and neglect. It’s the laughing stock of civilised Europe. Such a sad state of affairs. What are the good people of Torremolinos going to do about getting their hard earned money back? Or do they just not care?

  4. This woman is a monster and although I am glad she may spend 4 years in prison, I think the punishment is nothing compared to the suffering she has caused. Animals, like people, feel pain, stress, fear and all the other emotions. They are sentient beings and we need the laws to change. There is a reason why the shelters and killing stations are filled with these poor animals. People get a pet and when it’s no longer convenient or when they get bored, they toss them away like a pair of old shoes. THAT’s where the misery starts. There should be laws that protect animals. And this…. woman should go to jail for a long, long time. More than 2000 lives, a slow and agonizing death. Come on people!!

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