A BRITISH expat who killed a German for filming his daughter without permission is out of jail.

Copyright: www.theolivepress.es
Copyright: www.theolivepress.es

Victor Kainth, 40, who allegedly killed Sandro Rottman, 43, with one punch at a Sotogrande restaurant, is out on bail awaiting trial.

Algeciras police confirmed that the married father-of-three has been allowed out of Botafuego prison on ‘a number of conditions’.

While the spokesman was unable to confirm the exact terms of his release, it is understood he has had to surrender his passport and must report to his local police station once a week.

Residents of Sotogrande expressed surprise that he had been released, while facing at least a charge of manslaughter.

One told the Olive Press he had seen him going to a friend’s apartment with a bottle of wine in Sotogrande, while another said he had seen him leaving his gym Vanity Fitness.

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  1. About time, he was protecting his daughter, and as said this man did some sort of child pornographic, and personally being a mother myself, I think he was in the right and should of never been sent to prison, hes actual y done the police a favour of getting that dirty scumbag off the streets!!

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