OPTICIANS in Spain are warning residents not to stare directly at tomorrow’s solar eclipse.solar eclipse

Europe is set to be plunged into darkness tomorrow morning, with the eclipse affecting Spain from 9am to 11.30am.

It will be the first eclipse of this magnitude since 1999 and the Costa del Sol will bear witness to a 70% eclipse.

“This fantastic astronomical phenomenon is rare and should not be missed, but viewing an eclipse can cause permanent damage, even blindness,” said a spokesman at Specsavers Opticas.

“Children particularly must be protected from staring directly at the sun during the eclipse.

”Specsavers Opticas offers the following advice for viewing the eclipse safely: Direct viewing of the sun during an eclipse is hazardous and therefore they suggest using indirect ways of viewing the eclipse.

If you have a telescope or binoculars, you can focus an image of the sun on to a white screen, or hold white card behind the eye piece, adjusting the focus so you can see the image on the card.

An inexpensive alternative is to create a pinhole camera using a piece of card with a pinhole in it to focus the image of the sun on to a white screen or piece of white card.

However please always take care to shield the eyes from the sun.It is very important to note that sunglasses, smoked glass, sun capes, solar filters and visors are not safe ways to view the eclipse, so please take care of your eyes and only view it indirectly.

More information can be found on www.eyecare-trust.org.uk, if you have any concerns please contact your nearest Specsavers Opticas to consult the opticians www.specsavers.es

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To watch a live broadcast of the eclipse, click here.


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