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Going Solar : Your Top 10 Questions Answered by MiSolar on the Costa Blanca

SOLAR energy has been gaining popularity as an affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional electricity sources. But if you're considering going solar, you may...

Hundreds protest against giant solar macro project in Serrania de Ronda

A handful of mayors have been joined by an X-Factor winner to oppose a series of giant solar macro projects that will ‘scar’ large...

Light at the end of the cable: Spain and France finally set to agree funding for undersea electricity link

SPAIN and France are set to resolve their long-running dispute over the cost of their first undersea electricity link.  The 400 km-long cable link from...

Massive green energy project unveiled for Spain’s Aragon

SPAIN has unveiled plans for a massive green energy project in the northeast region of Aragon that aims to meet 30% of the nation’s...

People power forces huge tax rebates on green energy installations in area popular with expats on Spain’s Costa Blanca

SAN FULGENCIO, in the heart of Costa Blanca’s Vega Baja area, is to grant a 90% tax rebate on the installation of solar panels...

Sun shines on Repsol: Spain’s oil giant opens first solar plant

OIL giant Repsol has opened its first first PV solar farm as it moves towards decarbonisation. Located in the town of Manzanares, in the province...

Two solar power farms may be scrapped in Spain’s Vega Baja as area now classed as flood plain

TWO huge solar power farms planned for Spain’s Vega Baja region are now in doubt because of a combination of bad timing and poor...

Spain’s region of Murcia to get 11 new solar power plants generating 361 megawatts of clean energy

ELEVEN solar power plants generating 361 megawatts of clean energy are planned for Murcia in the coming years. They will cost between €250 million and...

British company building two HUGE solar farms in Spain to provide over 250,000 homes with clean energy

A BRITISH company is injecting over €55 million into two huge solar energy plants in central and southern Spain.  Solarcentury will splash €55.4 million on...

Spain’s solar energy market could receive HUGE €70 billion cash injection by 2030

SOLAR energy could light up Spain with investments worth up to €70 billion by 2030, Secretary for Energy Jose Dominguez Abascal has said. Speaking at...

Homeowners in Spain facing mammoth hike in fuel bills for January

Homeowners are being warned by consumer associations

Eco-car designers launch startup campaign for new Evovelo model

Gonzalo and Alfredo Chomon’s Evovelo ‘Mo’ has been described as the first fully-enclosed, solar-powered urban transport

‘Vulture’ investment funds scoop up small solar panel plants

New government regulations are forcing small-sized plant owners to sell up as they can no longer make a profit from the energy they produce

First ever solar powered aircraft to fly into Spain on world-wide trip

Swiss pioneers Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg started their global adventure in Abu Dhabi on March 1

Warning issued over Europe’s solar eclipse

Spain is set to be plunged into darkness tomorrow morning from 9am to 11.30am

Andalucia’s solar plant at the centre of million-euro legal battle

Andasol investors are suing Spain following solar subsidy cuts

Selling the Spanish sun

The exciting plans that could see consumers injecting energy from their solar panels into the grid

A sunny thanks to our readers

Victims of solar theft thank trio of ‘big-hearted’ Olive Press readers

Burn out in Spain

Green backlash as government plans to cut four billion euros of subsidies to solar schemes

Spanish homes to include solar panels

Until now Spain's building standards have dated from the 1970s and have done little in seeking to improve energy efficiency





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