DECEASED loved ones can now be immortalised as a tree.

A Barcelona firm has designed a biodegradable urn from which an ashurnbios, oak or beech tree will grow.

The innovative urn is divided into two h alves, with the seeds in the top section which then germinate and grow roots down through the ashes in the lower half.

Developed by design company Estudimoline, a Bios Urn costs €134 and comes with a choice of six different seeds at the moment, with gingko, maple and pine also available.

The brothers behind the creation, Gerard and Roger Moline, said they wanted to create something that showed death not as ‘the end of life’, but rather ‘a return to life’.

LIFE AFTER DEATH: Ashes are placed in the lower half of the urn

The urns require the same care and conditions as a normal tree, and will begin to biodegrade when the roots come into contact with the ashes.

The company said: “Bios Urn offers a smart, sustainable and ecologically friendly way to approach what’s probably one of the most important moments in human life.

“The intent is to offer users an alternative for remembering deceased people or pets in a natural, sustainable fashion. It is innovative, useful and discreet.”

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