ICONIC: Casa Puga
ICONIC: Casa Puga

A CENTURY-old tapas restaurant forced to close because of changes to rental laws is set for a new lease of life.

Dubbed Almeria’s ‘most famous tapas bar’, Casa Puga closed its doors in March, after owners struggled to cope with rent increases.

But a local hotel and property entrepreneur is now stepping in to bring the famous restaurant back from the brink.

Former owner Leonardo Martin also confirmed that former staff members will be reinstated when it reopens in May.

“The most important thing was to keep as much of the restaurant the same as possible,” Martin said.

“That includes holding on to the workers and keeping the essence of Casa Puga alive.”

The restaurant is just one of thousands of businesses predicted to fall foul of new rental laws introduced this year, ending a 30-year rent cap which protected independent businesses in Spain.

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