La Liga stars Ronaldo and Messi
La Liga stars Ronaldo and Messi

ALL La Liga games are to be suspended as of May 16 over government interference with television rights.

The Spanish FA took the decision after the government approved a law on April 30 which only rewarded the Spanish FA 4.5% of all revenue.

Currently all clubs negotiate right individually, a policy which hugely favours Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The federation said on Wednesday that the legislation ‘has not resolved any of the problems gravely affecting soccer’ and as a result, the federation has called an ‘indefinite strike”‘.

The suspension of games would disrupt the title race between Barcelona and Real Madrid as well as the Copa del Rey final on May 30.

Spain’s Secretary of State for Sport, Miguel Cardenal, called the strike ‘an insult to democracy.’

He added: “It is incomprehensible that the federation wants to stop football. It’s based on ignorance.”

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