baby with mumSPAIN is the seventh best country in the world to be a mother.

Save the Children has revealed its 16th annual Mother’s Index, and Spain has left the UK way behind in 24th, while Norway came first.

Meanwhile, a different survey by found that 50% of expat mums in Spain, France, Italy and Germany never want to return to their home country.

Overall, 62% of mothers ranked the quality of life better in their adoptive countries, but many felt the education system was worse.

Exactly 50% had given birth in their adoptive country, with the majority (85%) describing it as a positive experience.

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  1. Strange the OP republished this article. As one can quickly see this is a “quality of life” report and nothing about being a mother, which btw doesn’t change if you live on Earth, or Jupiter lol. Saying it’s better being a mother in one European country than another is meaningless. It’s like saying it’s better to be a woman in Spain than it is in Germany. As for saying “never”, well as we all know this is not reality and people say things like this and quickly change their minds when issues like bereavement and health arise.

  2. Agree with above comments, most EU countries will also have plus and minuses compared to others, some more pluses. As Steve points out, a jobs future for the kids that grow up is very important, maybe that’s why so many young well educated Spaniards have moved to the UK for work, they can’t get jobs in Spain. If they have jobs then they have more chance of buying a home which won’t depreciate in value so much.

  3. Being an expat mother in Spain basically means working your a*se off paying for International school fees so that your child can get an education that is recognised worldwide, and of course to learn English (the language of business and Internet). I was talking to a teacher friend at a local senior school and she said that not a single student made it to University last term. Meanwhile, the government is embroiled in corruption cases that have seen billions of euros go missing. Shameful.

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