JAZZTEL received more customer complaints than any other telecoms operator in Spain in 2014.

The firm, also Spain’s fastest-growing, received more than 11 complainjazztelts for every 10,000 landline telephone subscribers.

In second place was Orange, with 7.59 complaints, followed by Ono on 6.39, Vodafone on 4.7 and Movistar on 2.32.

Orange is currently in the process of buying out Jazztel, which received an even higher 15.86 complaints per 10,000 subscribers to its main voice and data products.

It was also the worst in terms of customer service, receiving more than twice the number of complaints averaged by competitors.

The statistics have been revealed by the Telecommunications Customer Service Office, announcing it received 34,327 complaints in total in 2014, an 8.6 percent increase on the previous year.

The most common complaints were about mobile phone bills and difficulties with terminating landline internet contracts.


  1. Just a query from someone who moved away from the Costa del Sol in 2013: does anyone know if Spantel (aka Scamtel) is still going? This has to be the worst phone company I have ever encountered and their incompetence was in a different class to any other outfit that I have encountered in Spain, Africa or the UK.

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