A BRITISH man is on trial for murdering his mother before fleeing to Spain.

San Sebastian in northern Spain

Sean Heiss, 30, from south west London, is accused of strangling 58-year-old Margaret Sheehy at her home in 2012.

Prosecutor Sarah Plaschkes QC told the jury that Mr Heiss fled to the Spanish port of San Sebastian using his dead mother’s credit card to pay for the Eurostar.

He allegedly went on to spend more money on his mother’s cards before being arrested and extradited back to England.

Mr Heiss denies murdering his mother, who had apparently been planning to sell her flat in order to live mortgage-free in Bournemouth or Spain.

The trial continues.


  1. HOW does a “border control” in the UK allow a MALE person to use a FEMALE person’s credit card to leave the UK and get to Spain? Is this called “CONTROL?” if so, what does Teresa May have to explain/justify her position?! No wonder that immigration in/out of the UK is OUT of control.

  2. Have you ever used a credit card Joe? Doesn’t sound like it. I’ll explain, you insert the card in the reader, tap in the pin number (if you know it, probable in this case) and you’ve paid for whatever it is. Male or female doesn’t come in to it.
    Certainly nothing to do with “border control”.

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