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World Cup game involving Spain under scrutiny amid FIFA corruption probe


SpainSouthKoreaSPAIN’S shock defeat to South Korea in the 2002 World Cup is under scrutiny amid FIFA’s corruption probe. 

Led by complaints in the Italian press, South Korea’s progress to the 2002 semi-final has been called into question.

The Corriere dello Sport newspaper alleges that the referee who presided over Spain’s penalty shoot-out defeat to South Korea was put in charge of the game by bent FIFA delegate Jack Warner.

Spain had two legitimate goals ruled out by Egyptian referee Gamal Al-Ghandour during normal time, before La Roja crashed out 5-3 on penalties.


The newspaper also claims the Koreans victory over Italy in the previous round was in some way fixed.

Ecuadorian referee Byron Moreno, who sent off Francesco Totti during the game, has since served a 26-month sentence for drug trafficking in New York.

Rob Horgan

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  1. @Fred, i’m not sure if that is the case. Was it not for the two goals that were not allowed during full time play that was dis-allowed by a corrupt referee and Spain lost on a penalty shoot-out.

    I may be wrong.

  2. @Fred,
    I think your posting is incorrect again, Spain is not being investigated for corruption but the referee is. All to do with the two goals that was disallowed, which by the way was initiated by the Italian press.
    “Spain had two legitimate goals ruled out by Egyptian referee Gamal Al-Ghandour during normal time, before La Roja crashed out 5-3 on penalties”.

  3. Well put Jacko – Fred shot himself in the foot again making assumptions… In this investigation Spain was the victim and had two legitimate goals ruled out…

  4. It means nothing that Spain were the “victim” here. History has shown countless examples of collusions between officials to alter the outcome of a competition.

  5. @Give Us A Quid,

    Fred does try and twist certain reports but perhaps it’s to entice people to respond which gullible people would perhaps believe but as he has said on another site some people should take his comments with a “pinch of salt”. Hehehe

  6. Jacko, you speak as if you know the outcome of the investigation. You don’t. Feel free to take my comments with a pinch of salt, but you still replied so obviously you were “enticed”. I get the feeling that you are a comment stalker. As for Squiddy, well, gullible is his middle name lol.

  7. Fred, why do you tend to turn comments into nasty attacks on people such as “Give Us Quid” just because they don’t agree with what you have said. The premise of these sites is for comments and my comment to you originally was not nasty but merely clarifying your mistake, yet once again.
    What didn’t you understand about the investigation, surely your not, as the saying goes, thick as two planks, as it had nothing to do about the financial corruption but about the two disallowed goals which, not Spain, but the Italian press had kicked off. (don’t know why I have to repeat myself)
    Fred, far from being enticed, gullible or a “stalker” I just happened to be someone that merely pointed out your mistake and if in future you don’t wish to be corrected then post correctly and if you are talking about “stalkers” you must be one of the biggest that posts in the Olive Press, even having a go at poor old Jon on another site. Be a man and stop squirming and just admit to your misdeeds.

    Please don’t reply if it has nothing to do with your original comment, such as an apology, keep calm, have a cup of tea or what ever (hope you don’t smoke) and stop being nasty which is now becoming a bore and by the way Fred that’s where you are WRONG ONCE AGAIN, I do know and have privy to the outcome of the investigation.

  8. Jacko, with respect you have not corrected anything that I have said. If you are bored, just don’t post. Let Squid speak for himself btw, or are you his Dad? I’m not sure what “attack” are you talking about – you are a bit of a drama queen lol. Please make sure that you apply your logic of correcting all “incorrect” posts to everyone, and not just me. I’ll let you get back to your board meeting at FIFA now, or are you in the FBI instead?

  9. My my Fred, look who’s talking, give it a rest. The worse thing in a person is when they cannot accept when they are wrong. Just look at your first input and my response, that alone should tell you. No more please, it’s getting boring, not with others I might add but with you. About time you grew up.

    Btw, no need to attend a board meeting.

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