dead horseAN animal rights group are urging the Junta to investigate ‘inexcusable levels of animal abuse’ at the El Rocio pilgrimage in Huelva.

Campaign group PACMA have said enough is enough after more horses, donkeys and oxen were slaughtered at this year’s historic event at the end of May.

A total of 107 horses have been killed in El Rocio since 2007.

“More than 2,000 horses, donkeys and oxen are put through the tortuous pilgrimage every year,” a spokesman said.

“They are exposed to extreme heat, overexertion and exhaustion.

“It is unacceptable that animals are treated this way for a ‘festival’ and we want the government to ensure animal welfare and environmental conservation is preserved at all times.”

PACMA now want the Andalucian government to start early to make sure the animals are protected at next year’s event, scheduled for May 15.

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