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Day Trip from Sevilla: Coria del Rio

YOU won’t be alone: Between May 21 and June 1, thousands of pilgrims with horses, casetas, and ox-drawn carts will be passing through this...

Romeria pilgrims create political party in a bid to avoid manning polling stations at May 28 elections

APPROACHING elections in Spain mean, for many, a sense of dread. Not just because of the endless onslaught of bickering politicians in the news,...

ONE FOR HORSE LOVERS: Spain’s Huelva recovers its traditional ‘Saca de las Yeguas’ after two years absence due to...

THE ancestral Andalucian tradition of releasing hundreds of semi-wild horses back into their natural habitat, the Doñana Natural Area, will take place again this...

Battling for the burro: A visit to Malaga donkey sanctuary Refugio del Burrito

The Refugio del Burrito is still fighting for justice for the donkey killed in a Bethlehem display in 2014, Tom Powell went to see where all the hard work starts

‘Inexcusable levels of animal abuse’ at El Rocio pilgrimage in Huelva, says animal rights group PACMA

A total of 107 horses have been killed in El Rocio since 2007

Head to Los Barrios for a right rural rave-up!

If you thought Los Barrios was a one-horse town, you haven’t seen their Romeria, writes Belinda Beckett, Mistress of Sizzle

Is Spain’s Catholic church on its knees?

The Spanish church is in freefall after a scandal exposed a sinister paedophile sect, praying on youngsters. Are its days of influence numbered, asks Jacqueline Fanchini and Tom Powell

The dark side of El Rocio

The heat, exhaustion and lack of water make Andalucia’s most famous pilgrimage a nightmare for those doing the carrying, writes Mary Biles

Death in the afternoon

I am a horse lover. I always have been. In fact you can include donkeys in that, I’d add mules too, but I don’t know them so well, writes OP blogger Mary Biles




Hacker from infamous cyber-attack group Kelvin Security is arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca after ‘targeting town halls and businesses’

A CYBER-HACKER has been arrested in Alicante for being involved with the notorious Kelvin Security hacking group. The Venezuelan national was jailed after appearing in...


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