blatter-shaykSCANDAL-ridden outgoing FIFA boss Sepp Blatter allegedly had an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo’s former girlfriend Irina Shayk. 

Spanish daily El Mundo has made the sensational claim about the disgraced FIFA president in the wake of the biggest sporting scandal of all time.

The article titled ‘All the women in Blatter’s life’ claimed the 79-year-old had a sexual relationship with the Russian model after he split with tennis player Ilona Boguska.

While Blatter has so far failed to comment, a source close to the model was quoted as saying ‘It is absolutely untrue’.




  1. Strange how stories suddenly evolve when any high ranking person comes to the attention of the media. How come nothing had been attributed to Sepp during his 17 year reign but after a few day’s of standing down his sexual exploits suddenly hit’s the news.

    Not that I am trying to defend Sepp in any way, but if true, the best of luck to the old codger, she looks a real cool chick.

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