holiday snaps picHAPPY snappers who post pictures of every meal and drink have been named ‘the biggest irritant’ by holidaymakers.

Obsessive Instagram uploaders took 32% of the vote, followed by children playing on tablets at high volume, according to TeletextHolidays.

The selfie-stick revolution appears to be a marmite issue, with 18% of holidaymakers against the latest technological must-have.

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  1. Taking photos (often very bad ones) has become an epidemic largely as a result of “everyone” having a so called “Smartphone”. Every such phone when reviewed, rarely mentions the phone’s capabilities as a phone yet even the Mighty Apple have no facility in the iTunes program to deal with them. Any attempt to ban their use would be futile. Just let the people enjoy their outings even if it does bother others. We just have to live with it & hope that another less intrusive habit will emerge. BTW, I have such a phone but rarely bring it out of my pocket but I have friends that simply cannot stop using them 24/7. It’s a pity their lives have become so narrowed & focused on gadgetry.

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