EU flagTHE European Union has voted against plans to introduce a Europe-wide ‘Google Tax’.

Proposals to reform copyright laws on online news stories have been quashed, following an European Committee vote.

Spain and Germany introduced their own version of the ‘Google Tax’ at the end of 2014.

As a result, Google’s News service was disabled in both countries, resulting in a drop in traffic to media outlets.

German MEP Julia Reda – who campaigned against the reform – said: “It is encouraging that the Committee has sought to avoid one of the errors that Spain and Germany committed in their respective copyright laws, and have had a devastating effect in terms of freedom of link,” she said.


  1. Google don’t pay taxes to ‘the European dummies’ – thanks Eurocrats for confirming what most Europeans know – you are not grossly overpaid to look after our interests, oh and BTW, your noses are an unhealthy shade of American brown.

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