ABLAZE: Before the firefighters arrived. COPYRIGHT Sam Matthews-McCarthy.

AN animal rescue centre volunteer has been left homeless after a freak caravan explosion.

Carly Cole had been living in the caravan at the home of a fellow Axarquia Animal Rescue Centre worker, her friend Sam Matthews-McCarthy.

Matthews-McCarthy first heard the explosion at 8pm last night while at her home in Riogordo, where she and Cole were exercising and feeding the animals.

They both rushed to the rear of the house to find the caravan engulfed in flames.

“It was really frightening, the whole caravan was on fire,” Matthews-McCarthy told the Olive Press.

Firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to the house and, miraculously, no people or animals were injured.

“Everything in the caravan was destroyed,” Matthews-McCarthy added.

THE NEXT MORNING: A burned van, beside the remains of the caravan COPYRIGHT Sam Matthews-McCarthy

Police and firefighters – who didn’t leave until 1am – were unable to discover the source of the explosion that sparked the blaze.

Matthews-McCarthy said that the fire has left Cole without a single material possession other than the clothes on her back.

“Anything would help [as] she literally has nothing but her health and her beloved pets,” Matthews-McCarthy said in a Facebook post.

• Please contact the Olive Press if you would like to help and we will put you in touch.

More to follow…

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