BALCONING: A dangerous game

A BRITISH tourist is in critical condition after falling from a fourth-storey hotel balcony in Magaluf, Mallorca.

Harry Carter, 18, was rushed to Son Espases Hospital with a head injury and a broken arm.

Eyewitnesses report that Carter was attempting to climb from his fourth-storey balcony to a balcony on the third floor — drink in hand — when he fell.

Carter is the latest to be injured in a practice known as ‘balconing’, which involves the use of balconies as platforms for jumping into swimming pools or to neighboring balconies.

Just last month, a 21-year-old Scottish tourist was also seriously injured while ‘balconing’ at the same Magaluf hotel as Carter.

The dangerous craze, popularised on video-sharing sites like YouTube, has claimed the lives of dozens of participants — primarily young men, many of them tourists — over the past few years.

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  1. A couple of cctv cameras, and a sign saying BIG FINE, and its done.
    But hey, why get your backside if no one cares?
    How about naming and quoting the managers and owners of the hotel – ask them what they are doing about this?

    • dont be so stupid! If we all have to be filmed on cctv then these idiots have won. Maybe this is darwinism, stupid retards. Yet something else more fun and less stupid like walking down the street naked all day rather than just as a silly prank, they would say you were crazy. Nutcase kids and police! They all need help. Put some cushions at the bottom or something but you dont EVER violate others civil liberties.

  2. The people who do this don’t care and don’t worry that their insurance won’t pay out (if they hae it!) because they were drinking and acting the fool. Sorry for his family to have to deal with this but have no sympathy for him.

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