MALAGA port has reported a sharp increase in the number of people travelling through on ferries in the past month.

The Malaga port
The Malaga port

Between June 15 and July 16, 13,394 people and 2,096 vehicles passed through, respectively a 41.2% and a 79.5% increase from last year.

Between 2013 and 2014, the numbers fell dramatically by around 40%, making this year’s figures signal a resurgence.

Officials believe that this flood of travellers is due to more frequent ferry schedules, as well as increased capacity on some boats.

Even higher arrival rates were predicted for the end of Ramadan.

The numbers were recorded through the Paso del Estrecho operation, which began its first phase this month in Malaga.

The Paso del Estrecho is an ongoing operation that monitors and coordinates the exit and return of immigrants traveling to and from their home countries in North Africa during the holiday period.

The operation focuses on maximizing the use and organisation of the ports.

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