RESIDENTS and visitors to Jimera de Libar, in the Serrania de Ronda, have had a welcome relief to the recent spell of hot weather by striping off to their swimsuits and throwing buckets of water over each other.

The normal  population of 400 more than triples during the week of their ‘feria’ when they transfer the patron of the pueblo, the Virgen de la Salud,  from the railway station neighbourhood to the centre of the village.

And on the last day they celebrate the event with free chorizo and sangria before hundreds fill the village’s plaza where water fights take place.

The Fiesta del Agua has been held for more than 20 years and honours the water wealth of the town.

Approximately  80,000 litres of water will be thrown – delivered from five standpoints around the square. The pueblo has 21 water sources, which flow throughout the year.

The festival lasts about 45 minutes and that’s when the municipal workers become the ‘baddies’ by cutting off the water until next year.

The event normally takes place over the second weekend of August.

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